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Ronald Murphy describes how the vampire figure has been a part of every major culture since recorded history

On Vampires & Weird Creatures – Vampires Throughout History

part 2 of 2

The vampire figure represents FAR more than what we have seen in the cinema -- it has profoundly influenced the cultural history of civilizations for thousands of years.

On Vampires & Weird Creatures – with Ronald Murphy

part 1 of 2

Film maker David Oman opines on the culture of Hollywood and interactions with famous celebrities -- both while alive and posthumously!

Hollywood (Una)live: The Oman House

Are the iconic "Face on Mars" monolith and the D & M pyramid part of an ancient city built by an advanced civilization ?An Extraterrestrial Blueprint: The Crux of Cydonia  – part 2 of 2
Are the anomalous structures on Mars linked to a solar-system wide civilization that was wiped out 65 million years ago in a cataclysm?An Extraterrestrial Blueprint: The Crux of Cydonia  – part 1 of 2

Do the spirits of ancient Mexico continue to visit and influence the modern world? Expect the unexpected in Mexico

Mexico Unexplained – Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Mexico

Psychic medium Lindy Baker believes that everyone can learn how to read the human energy fields of both ourselves and those around us

The Amazing Human Energy Field

Lindy Baker

 Jason Guffey is a noir photographer whose Victorian era tintype equipment renders dark, atmospheric images

Tintype Photography with Jason Guffey

Erika Dyck -- Canada Research Chair in the History of MedicinePsychedelic Psychiatry – From Clinic To Campus (part 2)

Are psychedelics effective in treating human mental illnesses?

Psychedelic Psychiatry – From Clinic To Campus (part 1)

The McRaven Tour House — Quaint and Haunted Mississippi

Psychic medium Chris Medina discusses how everyone is capable of developing intuition that will guide them to self realization.

A Psychic Medium Uncensored: “You Want The Truth?”

Can we read and change the future?

Loyd Auerbach Dimensions of the Unexplained (part 2 of 2)

“Can We Read And Change The Future?”

Can anyone develop psychic powers? According to parapsychologisy Loyd Auerbach, the answer is "Yes!"

Loyd Auerbach – Dimensions of the Unexplained

Part 1 of 2 


Tales of sex, scandal and impeachment à la Washington, DC

White House Confidential — The Weird Side Of The US Presidency

Are addictive drugs a chemical ouija board that can open the floodgates of paranormal activity?

Covina: The Arrowhead Chronicles

Enjoy the upcoming Bigfoot Camping Adventure Conference for 3 days of pet friendly hiking, celebrities, investigations and great food.

The Bigfoot Mystery

Part 2 of 2

Eric Altman

does Bigfoot reside only within the confines of our imaginations or ... does the elusive Sasquatch in fact continue to elude the best efforts of the nations top cryptozoologists?

The Bigfoot Mystery

Part 1 of 2

Eric Altman

Jim Malliard of the popular Malliard Report podcast and radio show, shares his experiences of starting a podcast and hearing tales of the odd, interesting and (sometimes) humorous world of the paranormal from his guests!

Paranormal Podcasting 101 With Jim Malliard


Psychic medium and hypnotherapist Lindy Baker discusses how Numerology can help us pursue the maximum life path

Lindy Baker

Predictions 2017

Join Dr. Scott J. Kulbaba for uplifting occurrences many medical personnel witness yet few feel comfortable sharing openly.

Physicians’ Untold Stories

Cove Paranormal Research Team delivers accounts of otherworldly activity in and around historic Perry County, Pennsylvania

Cove Paranormal

The Ghosts of Perry County

Social media is often used to spread false information, repeated so often that it finally becomes accepted as fact. YouTube videographer, SCAREME, explains the motivations behind this.

Viral Videos – Real or Not?



Catholic author and scholar Mike Freze presents the merits of the weeping statues of The Virgin Mary and the stigmata of Father Padre Pio.

Catholic Mysticism – “Weeping Statues and the Stigmata” 

Part 2 of 2

Are phenomena such as the stigmata, successful religious exorcisms, and incorruptibility (the human body avoids decomposition after death) signs of divine intervention?

Catholic Mysticism

Part 1 of 2

Confrontations With Evil and Haunted Route 66

Confrontation With Evil & Haunted Route 66

Part 2 of 2

“Crazy: A Prayer For The Dead" – the true story about a select group of unfortunates who too late discover Hells hidden portholes existing along old Route 66

Confrontation With Evil & Haunted Route 66

Part 1 of 2

Strange anomaly photographed at an unnamed Virginia cemetery

Ghost Stories

Laine Crosby not only “sees” history – she speaks to the (now) deceased who made it!

Haunted History With Laine Crosby 

Episode 2 of 2


Laine Crosby not only “sees” history – she speaks to the (now) deceased who made it!

Haunted History With Laine Crosby

Episode 1 of 2

Night time visitation from an elemental

Elementals and Supernatural Beings

Part 2 of 2

The Native Paranormal Seekers group is dedicated to presenting an ancient aspect of the paranormal: elementals and supernatural beings.

Elementals and Supernatural Beings 

Part 1 of 2

Baltimore demonologist and engineer, Mike Herman Stevenson has spent a lifetime investigating haunted buildings and people.

Experiences of a Demonologist 

Part 2 of 2

Baltimore demonologist and engineer, Mike Herman Stevenson has spent a lifetime investigating haunted buildings and people.

Experiences of a Demonologist

Part 1 of 2

Are viral paranormal videos "click bait", human perceptions of a shadowy dimension? What if some are real?

Viral Paranormal Videos

Award winning and trusted psychic medium Lindy Baker channels important messages from deceased loved ones to an anonymous client

Talking To Spirits


Historic Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg, PA is testament to a powerful society known as Freemasons

Haunted Masonic Temples


Giovanni Dienstmann answers “Why should I meditate?” or “How did meditation change your life?”

Mindfulness Meditation —
Giovanni Dienstamann


Hypnotherapy: Transforming Anxiety Into Calmness and Confidence

Hypnotherapy Session — Lose Your Mind and Create a New One


Hypnotherapy -- Becoming Consciously Aware of the Subconscious

Lindy Baker, Hypnotherapist

Conscious Awareness of the Subconscious

The psychedelic ingredient in "magic mushrooms", psilocybin, holds promise for millions suffering from untreatable depression

Berit Brogaard

Magic Mushroom Depression Therapy


producer David Oman is the sole LIVING resident of the Oman house -- srcset= reputedly haunted by victims of the 1969 Manson family murder, among others.” width=”150″ height=”150″>

David Oman

The Man In The Anomaly

The Long Island Paranormal Investigators discuss their most frightening spirit investigation cases

Ghosts, Demons and Shadow People With The Long Island Paranormal Investigators Team

Truther Girl Sonia

The TrutherGirls

The Truth(er) About Conspiracy Theories



Lindy Baker -- A psychic forecasts the 2016 Presidential election on The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Lindy Baker

Psychic Predictions For The 2016 Elections

Retired Sergeant Major Herb Friedman discusses historical roles of PSYOP operations with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

 Herb Friedman — Military Psychological Operations

S&M Paranormal

 S&M Paranormal — Tales of Your Favorite Celebrities

The Ivy League has its own ghost hunters and they want to hear from you!

Professor Justin McDaniel —

IVY League Ghost Hunters


Mark Nesbitt -- author of the Ghosts of Gettysburg series

Mark Nesbitt 

Ghosts of Gettysburg

Tamara Thorne -- author of The Cliffhouse Haunting and dozens of other horror novels, discusses what inspires her to write horror stories.

Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross

Mind Journeys of Horror Novelists

Katherine Ramsland discusses CSI forensic investigations with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Professor Katherine Ramsland 

Inside the Criminal Mind


Mike Stevenson - Demonologist - discusses true exorcism cases with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Mike Stevenson 

Dialogues With Demons

Larry Arnold discusses a lifetime of investigating the phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Larry Arnold 

Spontaneous Human Combustion and Nuclear Accidents

Marie St Louis Psychic Medium discusses wild venues some psychics do readings at with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Marie St Louis

 Good Psychic Arizona Vibrations


Diane Powell, M.D. discusses the startling mental abilities that many people with autism and savant syndrome exhibit in regards to creativity, memory and psychic abilities

Diane Powell, M.D. – Amazing Powers of the Autistic Mind


Ryan Hurd discusses Sleep Paralysis phenomena with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Ryan Hurd — Sleep Paralysis and Night Terrors


Berit Brogaard discusses lucid dreaming with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast. Lucid dreaming is an awareness that you are dreaming, while in a dream.

Berit Brogaard –Lucid Dreaming: Take Charge Of Your Dreams


Gale St John volunteered to earn her psychic street creds .... not so much inside a cozy reading room but instead ... chose enter the world of natural disasters and missing persons cases.

Gale St John – Psychic Crime Investigator



Bob Cranmer - The Demon of Brownsville Road

Bob Cranmer – The Demon of Brownsville Road Haunting



The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast interviews Robert Sungenis, executive director of The Principle, who will be discussing a geocentric model of the universe

The Principle Movie — Is Earth Truly At The Center Of Our Universe?






Kit Steel - A Witch Explains Real Witchcraft

Kit Steel – A Witch Explains Real Witchcraft


Rabbi Sid Vineburg discusses Jewish mysticism

Rabbi Sid Vineburg — Jewish Mysticism and the Occult


Bob Christopher , from NEPA, a TAPS Ghost Hunting Team, and Frank Cinelli discuss the scientific equipment being developed and used during professional paranormal investigations

Haunted Pennhurst Asylum!