A California Haunting: Mind Journeys of Horror Novelists

Tamara Thorne -- author of The Cliffhouse Haunting and dozens of other horror novels, discusses what inspires her to write horror stories.

We have all read horror stories but who has ever sat down with an author and asked questions such as ….What motivates you to write? What scares the hell out of you? Well, if you happen to be Tamara Thorne or Alistair Cross you find inspiration by investigating remote haunted cabins and Prohibition era hotels with the crew at Ghost Adventures!

Tamara Thorne, along with her co author Alistair Cooke, enjoy an effortless, creative synergy that resulted in the Gothic serialized novel, The Ghosts of Ravencrest. In the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, they skillfully manipulate a key universal passageway of the human psyche — FEAR. Enjoy your front row seat while they discuss  Hollywood hauntings, vampires, psychotic killers,  Gothic erotica and their upcoming novel, Mother,  with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast.


Links to our guests (click to view) ~

Complete links to both authors

Tamara Thorne website

Alistair Cross books

Ebook version of their newest novel, Mother

Facebook Page

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