UPP 014: Witchcraft 101 – What Is True Witchcraft? Kit Steel – Wiccan – Explains All




Kit Steel — Wiccan — delivers a fascinating and homespun narrative on the beliefs, origins, customs and dos and don’ts of REAL witchcraft! Descended from a line of practicing witches in rural Kentucky, Kit separates Hollywood myths from reality.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How christian and wicca customs influenced each other
  • How wiccans have been perceived and treated throughout history
  • Perceptions of the power of witchcraft versus reality
  • Common wicca beliefs and holidays
  • Are wiccans sensitive to spirits and demons?
  • Animal “familiars”
  • Plenty of Kit’s own stories that you do not want to miss!


Links to our guest, Kit Steel:


Contact Kit at:  witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com



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