Karmic Dissipation

Psychic medium Lindy Baker believes that everyone can learn how to read the human energy fields of both ourselves and those around us

Lindy Baker — Karmic Dissipation


What if there is an underlying reason for all the chaos, anger and violence that has overcome the globe? In the early 90s, Lindy Baker, gifted clairvoyant psychic had visions of what her guides called Karmic Dissipation — the black hole for karma, a point of no return …. but as she is here to explain, a veil of hopelessness often masks a brighter future for those willing to open their eyes

Rod Serling made reference to ” …. the pit of mans fears” after each of his memorable opening dialogues for The Twilight Zone. Our guest Lindy Baker artfully illustrated one such fear: when a dimensionless force that guides the known universe rings our door and hands out a compulsory do it yourself road map to the future. The destination is entirely your call.

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