The Man in the Anomaly

producer David Oman is the sole LIVING resident of the Oman house --> reputedly haunted by victims of the 1969 Manson family murder, among others.

Location location location – the three parameters that define value in real estate … is it possible that they likewise determine the preferred dwellings of the dearly departed? Today we speak to California-based writer and producer, David Oman. Dave lives in the enigmatic Oman House, situated a mere 150 feet from 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon – better known as the location where actress Sharon Tate and four others met their ends by the crazed Manson Family in 1969. Sharon’s house was razed in 1994 but could it be that proximity and a house built over top of an astonishing geomagnetic field allure spirits of the unfortunate Manson killings? In fact, it’s claimed that countless other spirits are roommates with a willing David Oman.


Links to David Oman ~


Scientific studies conducted at The Oman House

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