The Truth(er) About Conspiracy Theories


Cointel Ops and Hoax Theories

Are all conspiracy theories products of delusional minds? Or ….. do media and government outlets intentionally broadcast misinformation to frame Truthers as unstable?

We speak to popular YouTube personality “Truther Girl Sonia” of She has spent the better part of a decade studying HOW conspiracy theories themes involving New World Order, Vaccines, Civil Unrest, Police State, Domestic Terrorism, et al. — start and the disturbing truth on just WHO is behind many of them.

She  delivers a dose of “Humor, News, and Conspiracy all in one” to  her 70,000 YouTube subscribers … giving them helpful insights into the world of media persuasion . As she likes to say —  “If you are not a paranoid nut when you arrive, you will be by the time you leave or we’ll give you your worthless fiat money back!”


Links to The Truther Girls ~

The Truther Girls YouTube Channel

The Truther Girls Website

American Freedom Radio


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