Dialogues With Demons — Demonologist Mike Stevenson

Mike Stevenson - Demonologist - discusses true exorcism cases with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast


Have you ever wondered — “what is a spirit?” “How is it possible for spirits to communicate?” “Are demons for real?” “What goes on during a real exorcism?”

Today we speak to astute audio engineer, paranormal investigator and demonologist, Mike Stevenson. A lifetime of dedicated research into paranormal phenomena allows him to separate reality from the frequent misconceptions communicated on television and the internet.

Mike Stevenson’s original investigative work, technical footage and audio has been featured on syndicated paranormal television shows for Destination America and the Discovery Channel. Additionally, he works closely with nationally known paranormal author and lecturer, Bill Bean


Links to Mike Stevenson ~





Mike Stevenson in Destination America’s hit series “A HAUNTING” S08 – Demons Never Die:

(note: Mike was portrayed by a professional actor for reenactment purposes)


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One comment on “Dialogues With Demons — Demonologist Mike Stevenson
  1. MghR says:

    Throughout this episode I heard a “fact” stated several times that is not correct. Demons were NOT cast down from heaven at the fall of Lucifer. demons are the offspring of the fallen angels and the human women that came after the fall. Being not fully human, they do not have a soul that can go to heaven or hell, so they use their time trying to find a body to use for evil and to send that human soul to hell itself.

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