Psychedelic Psychiatry: “From Clinic To Campus” (Part 2 of 2)

Erika Dyck is a new breed of historian that is hoping to dispel some of the stigma around psychedelic drugs and the way they're used in medicine

The term LSD summons mental images of madness, felonious behavior and perversion but thanks in part to a new, open minded community of academics and researchers, we are once again at the cusp of a new psychedelic renaissance. And now, in place of recreational experimentation for its own sake are transformations in the treatment of mental illness and new ways of understanding human consciousness.

Erika Dyck, Ph.D., a historian with a keen interest in the history of drug experimentation and psychiatric institutionalization, offers an insightful perspective into the politics of medical psychedelic research that very few of us get to hear


Links to this episode ~

Psychedelic Science Event 2017 in Oakland, California

Hear Erika Dyck at the Psychedelic Science Event 2017


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