Military Psychological Operations — Influencing the Enemy

Retired Sergeant Major Herb Friedman discusses historical roles of PSYOP operations with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Retired Sergeant Major Herb Friedman discusses the history, role and recent developments in military psychological operations. PSYOP campaigns are designed to influence the emotions of governments, organizations, enemy combatants and individuals.

Herb Friedman is a trusted consultant to movie makers and authors worldwide on the delicate and mysterious subject of military Psychological Operations (PSYOP). Psychological warfare has been around since the days of Troy . Herb provides answers to: “What is a PSYOP?” “Where have they been used?” “Do they work?” Herb is the American representative to  the international Psychological Warfare Society. This should be one intriguing interview!

Links to Herb Friedman ~

Psywarrior Website

Operation Lost Soul Website

Official Bio Website



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