Ivy League Paranormal Investigators

The Ivy League has its own ghost hunters and they want to hear from you!


To most of us, the words paranormal investigation, invokes mental images of full spectrum cameras and digital audio recorders. However, in the IVY league halls of The University of Pennsylvania, a more eclectic approach is being discussed. Today we speak to former  professor Justin McDaniel of The University of Pennsylvania who teaches an extremely popular course entitled, “Gods, Ghosts and Monsters” ….  where they ponder the MANY reasons why cultures and religions universally believe in people that  …… stay with us after they’re gone .

Professor McDaniel, a respected Buddhist monk and scholar, works with a brainstorming team of academics known as The Penn Ghost Project. They investigate Philadelphia’s haunts their own way: they not only want to hear YOUR scary stories — they want to figure exactly WHY you were scared!


Links to Justin McDaniel ~

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Justin McDaniel UPenn Faculty Page with Contact Info

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