Mind Over Matter — “Moving Objects With The Mind” Part 1 of 2

 Psychokinesis (PK) is the process of using only the mind, with no physical intervention, to manipulate physical objects.

In many cognitive science circles, it is believed that one’s personal verdict of reality arises from the interplay between our prearranged inner biases AND what we actively view from the outside. If true, does this mean that our own paranormal observances are — by definition, willful hallucinations? Intriguing thought .. but restricted recipes, whether applied to chocolate or paranormal analysis, do not always yield the best results as pointed out by our guest — parapsychologist and expert chocolatier, Loyd Auerbach.

In this episode (part 1 of 2) we discuss the poltergeist phenomenon and how the power of the human mind can effect the physical environment we interact with!

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