UPP 15: The Compelling World of Jewish Mysticism With Rabbi Sid Vineburg

Rabbi Sid Vineburg discusses Jewish mysticism

The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast explores different cultures as Rabbi Sid Vineburg, researcher of all things paranormal, discusses the fascinating world of Jewish mysticism. Ghosts, spirits, demons, the afterlife, etc … are universally acknowledged but just what they are and represent can vary radically across different cultures and religions.

Rabbi Vineburg totally engrossed us for over an hour with accounts of dybbuks, the dybbuk box, Jewish ghosts, Kaballah and its descriptions of life-energy gone awry.

If you enjoy learning, you are going to love this episode!

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One comment on “UPP 15: The Compelling World of Jewish Mysticism With Rabbi Sid Vineburg
  1. Ricky says:

    . The book was a Biblical attempt to expalin what Jesus taught on specific topics such as God, the Holy Spirit, the Sabbath, Death, Hell, etc. The only flaw I see now in that book is it’s lack of placing Jesus and His teachings in its proper Jewish context. No doubt, the book holds to the high standard of the Scriptures, but the truth is the Jews were not uniform on what the TANAKH taught. If you can write and publish a book on what Jesus actually taught on Bible doctrines and how it compared to what other Jews believed, it would be real contribution to clarifying our Master’s position on these issues and dispelling error. Your book in this regard would make truth triumphant and bring glory to His name.

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