The New Age of Aquarius (Part 2): “The Emergence of Maitreya”

if Christ or the Buddha walked among us today as modern men, would we recognize Them? What would They be saying and, most importantly, would we listen?

In part 2/2 of The New Age of Aquarius, Dick Larson divulges the pending earthly appearance of Maitreya (The World Teacher), Jesus, Buddha and other Masters of Wisdom. Their seminal purpose is saving our planet from the ravages of war, climate change and hatred between races and religions. Every two thousand years is a cycle with our planet and solar system and for a very special reason that has to do with astrology—not astronomy—astrology. Every two thousand years we’re given a great teacher and that teacher brings the “next” information with Him.

Ageless Wisdom is an ancient, ancient philosophy. It’s as old as humanity. Over eons and eons, over the ages, humanity has been given releases of information as humanity is ready to understand them. “When the student is ready, the teacher will come” …..

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