Running The Skeptical Gauntlet – Dr. Bryan Farha (Part 1/2)

Is it possible for the scientific community to accept for serious inquiry the existence of what psychics claim as our “sixth sense”? The sixth sense, often referred to as intuition, collects information is its most pure and literal form (unlike the other 5 senses) and cannot be filtered by “thinking” the answer. To do so, say psychics, runs the risk of adulterating the message.

But who is to say exactly what reality is? We ask that you judge for yourself whether scientific examination takes a seat at the board room, along with intuition and personal encounters.

Our guest today, professor Bryan Farha, editor of the critical thinking anthology, Pseudoscience and Deception: The Smoke and Mirrors of Paranormal Claims, will be here to discuss a life time of inquiry into the world of paranormal phenomenon


Links to Dr. Bryan Farha ~

Paranormal Inquest Website

Media Appearances by Dr. Bryan Farha


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