Ghosts, Demons and Shadow People With The Long Island Paranormal Investigators Team

The Long Island Paranormal Investigators discuss their most frightening spirit investigation cases

The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast speaks to one of the most comprehensive and established Paranormal Investigative groups on the east coast – The Long Island Paranormal Investigators team.  They operate as a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity by utilizing objective scientific investigation methods, equipment  and research. They sometimes employ psychics and refer to clergy (in the case of demonic activity) and everyone on their team is well versed on how to obtain and backup evidence for their anxious and oftentimes frightened clients. Today We’ll be talking to them about some of their more convincing and mind blowing cases!


Long Island Paranormal Investigators has investigated some of America’s most notorious paranormal hot spots: Mount Misery, Five Corners Cemetery, Katie’s Bar in Smithtown, NY and has worked alongside many investigators from popular television series such as Ghost Hunters,  Paranormal State and demonologist Adam Blai.


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Mount Misery Investigation


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