UPP 10: Frank Cinelli, aka Dr. Spectre — Placing Famous Government Conspiracies Under the Microscope

Frank Cinelli

Whether the theme be FEMA camps, fluoride in drinking water, UFO cover up, aliens living among us, et al Frank Cinelli provides his audience with insight into their own unique causes .. and potential dangers!

Frank Cinelli, Jr. PhD
He has been practicing alternative medicine for almost 18 years. He is the owner of the Vitamin Pharmacy.
In his practice he uses bioenergetic testing along with laser and light therapies. He has a PhD in Biotechnology and certificates in Bio Stress Technique, Intracellular Communication, Bioset, Reiki and other types of energy work.

He writes healthy hunts for the TAPS Paramagazine and is “Ask Dr Spectre” for www.paranormalpopculture.com
He has had a lifelong obsession with the paranormal, and has been investigating and researching since 1984.




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