UPP 09: Samantha E. Harris – Demonologist and Paranormal Investigator – Enlightening the Darkness

Samantha Harris - Demonologist

Samantha Harris – Demonologist


The occasional donnybrook with a demon is but part of the job description with demonologist and author of Fighting Malevolent Spirits – A Demonologist’s Darkest Encounters, Samantha E. Harris.

Join the crew of The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast as Samantha discusses her decidedly eclectic approach to paranormal investigation: observation, religious observance and spirituality.

Some of the topics discussed are –

  • Characteristics of demons versus (formerly) human spirits
  • The challenges of growing up with and accepting psychic abilities
  • The dynamics of families with psychic abilities
  • Samantha’s first demonic encounter
  • And more … You’ll have to listen!


Links to Samantha Harris ~

Michigan Paranormal Research Association


Check out Samantha’s online demonolgy course below


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