UPP 08: Linda Dix — The Rewards and Dangers of Paranormal Investigations

Do you have what it takes to be a psychic or paranormal investigator? Well, first be sure to catch our new episode featuring Linda Dix, forensic investigator, Co-founder of Toledo Intuitive Paranormal and consultant for the TAPS branch in Ohio, as she discusses:

* her early self-realization as a psychic medium
* exorcism techniques and dangers
* female succubus demons
* the violent and often disturbing world of forensic case investigations
* differences between ghosts and spirits
* physical assaults committed by ghosts

Linda offers an eclectic perspective on the world of paranormal investigation — one gained through experience and talent!

Linda Dix

We will be adding updates on Linda’s upcoming published works and public appearances. For Facebook users, Linda admins the group (click to see) REAL PARANORMAL

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