UPP 06: Chakra Practitioner and Psychic Medium Geralyn St Joseph

Chakra Healer Geralyn St Joseph

Geralyn St Joseph

In this special episode of the Unnormal Paranormal Podcast we speak to Chakra Therapy Practitioner, author and psychic medium Geralyn St Joseph who explains how seemingly distinct mental and physical ailments can SOMETIMES be closely tied and brought on by each other! She delivers a thought-provoking and intuitive insight into how an understanding of the body’s energy centers can aid in the healing process.

Later on, Geralyn helps convey a heartfelt message from beyond to our very own host, Rhonda Fels, that you do not want to miss!

Show Links (click on them to view the page) ~

1.) White Light Meditation & Practices for Spiritual Development

2.) Discover Your Whole Self – Step by Step Guide to Healing Through the Chakra System [Abridged]:

3.) Amplified Bible:

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Geralyn’s Authored Books on Amazon.com







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