UPP 012: Uncovering the Psychic Medium Community — Chris Medina & Jay Long

Chris Medina -- Platinum Predictions

Chris Medina — Platinum Predictions


Many of us, during times of grief or mere curiosity, turn to spiritual & metaphysical services in search of  guidance and confirmation. The problem, however, is that many psychic mediums are tempted to cut corners .. or even worse … do not possess the abilities and gifts they advertise! The question then becomes: Who can you believe and trust?

Join us as the Unnormal Paranormal Podcast interviews Chris Medina and Jay Long of Platinum Predictions to discuss ~

  • Chris’ unique gifts of clairvoyance during his formative years
  • Some of the more questionable practices used by so-called psychic mediums
  • Qualities that you should look for when choosing a psychic service
  • Are psychics like everyone else? What do they do for fun?
  • Most memorable experiences while providing spiritual services
  • How psychic mediums can assist paranormal investigation teams
  • And much, much more ….

Later on in the show, Chris provides readings to some of the hosts at The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast!!

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