Unnormalparanormal Podcast 003: A Buddhist Perspective on the Afterlife and the Paranormal

Brian Ruhe

Be prepared to reexamine your understanding of time and the afterlife with Brian Ruhe — former Buddhist monk, college circuit lecturer and author of A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH.
We speak to Brian about out of body experiences, chronological discrepancies (souls of the deceased entering bodies of people who briefly appear to die), Buddhist conceptions of heaven/hell and more …


website: http://www.theravada.ca/brian-ruhe/

email: brian@brianruhe.ca

Brian’s published books: http://www.theravada.ca/books/

Other Items:

Mangala Sutta chant — a chant to the devas (divine being) for blessings and prosperity

Ratanna Sutta chant — a chant the Buddha gave to protect people from problems like ghosts.

Note: Feel free to email our guest, Brian Ruhe, regarding any questions you may have concerning this episode or all things spiritual!


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