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Exorcisms and Haunted Route 66 Part 2 of 2

  Horror author and filmmaker Steven LaChance paints a vivid picture of hermits, ghosts and mobsters populating truck stops along aging Route 66. Later on, he discusses spirits who willfully choose to stay at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St

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Confrontations With Evil and Haunted Route 66 (Part 1 of 2)

Returning today is the best selling author, Steve LaChance. Steve injects insight gained from personal experiences to present fresh angles and heretofore unknown motivations behind several compelling instances of demonic infestation. In particular, we will be discussing his new works,

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UPP 17: Steven LaChance – The Gentle Giant Of Monster Paranormal – Talks Books And Horror Movies

  Steven LaChance, filmmaker and author of The Uninvited, Blessed Are The Wicked (picks up where The Uninvited left off) and more .. speaks to The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast and analyzes popular horror movies and books through a perspective gained

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