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The New Age of Aquarius – Dick Larson (Part 1 of 2)

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Dick Larson — a disciple of Benjamin Creme, the Scottish artist and editor of Share International magazine — discusses a coming spiritual renaissance: The Age of Aquarius, where religion and spirituality fuse – replacing a

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Physicians’ Untold Stories

Dr. Scott J. K0lbaba, a well respected physician with over thirty years of experience, has been witness to many unexplained events that science yet has no answer for: “dead” patients seeing themselves on the operating table; undeniable signs of gratitude from

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Mindfulness Meditation with Giovanni Dientsmann

Meditation expert, Giovanni Dienstmann, developed an early interest in the paranormal that ultimately inspired him to study demons more terrifying than ones we exorcise with spiritual house cleansings and clergy — the ones we term “personal demons”. During this episode, Giovanni,

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Dialogues With Demons — Demonologist Mike Stevenson

  Have you ever wondered — “what is a spirit?” “How is it possible for spirits to communicate?” “Are demons for real?” “What goes on during a real exorcism?” Today we speak to astute audio engineer, paranormal investigator and demonologist, Mike

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Telepathy And The Autistic Mind – Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

Join The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast when they speak to Diane Powell, M.D. Diane, a gifted expert in the neuroscience field, served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and has conducted research in molecular biology at the University of California during the Human Genome Project. In short: she’s brilliant!

Why would she be speaking to a forum where the paranormal is discussed? The answer is simple: Dr Powell is a researcher intrigued by topics that science presently has no explanation for — telepathic skills and the autistic brain, human consciousness, out of body experiences, and more ..!

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UPP 06: Chakra Practitioner and Psychic Medium Geralyn St Joseph

In this special episode of the Unnormal Paranormal Podcast we speak to Chakra Therapy Practitioner, author and psychic medium Geralyn St Joseph who explains how seemingly distinct mental and physical ailments can SOMETIMES be closely tied and brought on by each

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