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Telepathy And The Autistic Mind – Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

Join The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast when they speak to Diane Powell, M.D. Diane, a gifted expert in the neuroscience field, served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and has conducted research in molecular biology at the University of California during the Human Genome Project. In short: she’s brilliant!

Why would she be speaking to a forum where the paranormal is discussed? The answer is simple: Dr Powell is a researcher intrigued by topics that science presently has no explanation for — telepathic skills and the autistic brain, human consciousness, out of body experiences, and more ..!

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The Principle – Was Life On Earth Planned… Or A “Mistake” ? An Interview With Robert Sungenis

The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast interviews Robert Sungenis, executive producer of The Principle. The film is narrated by Kate Mulgrew and features scientists such as Lawrence M. Krauss and Michio Kaku. The Principle supports a geocentric model of the universe — a description of the cosmos where

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UPP 22: Our Universe – Mysterious Anomaly Or God’s Signature?

We interview Robert Sungenis, executive producer of the 2014 film, The Principle. The Principle is a controversial, narrative-based film which questions the validity of the dominant model of the cosmos: one where the earth revolves around the sun and our planet is neither centrally

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