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Dark Photography With Jason Guffey

Jason Guffey is a noir photographer whose Victorian era tintype equipment renders dark, atmospheric images that elude the binary ones and zeroes of modern digital cameras. Wandering lost in ideas and with no way to harness them in a way he saw

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Psychedelic Psychiatry — A New Clinical Renaissance (Part 1 of 2)

Fifty years after the turbulent 1960’s, LSD research is rebounding and we are in a new ‘psychedelic renaissance’. Professor Erika Dyck offers a unique perspective on LSD’s history and its current promise as a major weapon against mental illness. Erika

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“The Arrowhead Chronicles” — Are Narcotics a Chemical Ouija Board?

  Are addictive narcotics a chemical ouija board that can open the floodgates of the supernatural?  We can analyze human behavior from different vantage points — from visual first impressions on up to the extremely nuanced. Today we speak to a former

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The Bigfoot Mystery Part 1 of 2

Within the paranormal community resides a dedicated cadre of enthusiasts determined to shed light on and solve one of its most glaring puzzles: Bigfoot. The question is — does Bigfoot reside only within the confines of popular lore or … does the

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The Stranger Side of America – “The Carpetbagger”

Largely hidden by today’s ubiquitous landscape of business parks, shopping malls and suburbia is an alternative dimension … one that embraces lunchbox museums, abandoned theme parks and psychedelic wonderlands. Today’s guest, Jacob Krejci, aka “The Carpetbagger”, is one of a

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Paranormal Podcasting 101 With Jim Malliard

  Jim Malliard, of the popular Malliard Report podcast and radio show, shares experiences of starting a podcast and listening to tales of the odd, interesting and (sometimes) humorous world of the paranormal from his guests! Links to The Malliard Report podcast

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Predictions 2017

Join us as we speak to California’s own, Lindy Baker. A gifted life skills coach, clairvoyant, medium and author — she will introduce listeners to the fascinating (and involved) practice of Numerology while finding your own personal year for 2017. Later on, Lindy will interpret recent

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The Ghosts of Perry County

Nestled amongst beautiful, undisturbed hills and mountains is an area less removed from steam train and canal days than you would be comfortable with — that is, unless you choose to live in a county with just two traffic signals

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What’s Behind Viral Videos?

Many people dismiss social media as fertile ground for those who create factoids: unreliable information being repeated so often that it sometimes becomes accepted as fact. Our guest, the young YouTube videographer known as SCAREME, usually goes off this premise but

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Exorcisms and Haunted Route 66 Part 2 of 2

  Horror author and filmmaker Steven LaChance paints a vivid picture of hermits, ghosts and mobsters populating truck stops along aging Route 66. Later on, he discusses spirits who willfully choose to stay at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St

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