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The “Weird Science” Behind Gadgets Used On Paranormal Reality TV Shows

(The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast presents) For all of you scratching your heads while trying to understand the electronic “gadgets” that teams such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures use … this episode is for you!

Our old friend Frank Cinelli, aka Dr Specter, and Bob Christopher, Co-Founder of NEPA Paranormal, a TAPS Family organization that has been featured on “Ghost Adventures”, take time out to demystify and explain the weird electronic equipment used so often on the show. And of course, we do not forget to ask them about their most intriguing, if not terrifying, moments experienced while seeking out the world of the unknown ….

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Psychic Reflections: Chris Medina, Psychic Medium – Can We Handle The Truth?

  Psychic medium Chris Medina and partner Jay Long – from Platinum Predictions – bring us the latest news from the recent Living Dead Horror Convention in Oregon, celebrity stories and provide their unique insight into the credibility of the

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UPP 16: Can Science Prove the Paranormal? Mike Stevenson – “The Paranormal Man”

  Our guest today, Mike Stevenson, aka The Paranormal Man, is an Ivy League graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Degree and The University of Phoenix with Masters Degree in Informational Systems. An accomplished audio engineer and

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UPP 11: The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast — A New and Quirky Paranormal Show

Join us as The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast crew reflects back on the production of their first ten podcasts. Discussed are our successes, our mistakes, future guests and what we believe to be key to presenting the world of hauntings, conspiracies  ….. everything

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UPP 10: Frank Cinelli, aka Dr. Spectre — Placing Famous Government Conspiracies Under the Microscope

Whether the theme be FEMA camps, fluoride in drinking water, UFO cover up, aliens living among us, et al Frank Cinelli provides his audience with insight into their own unique causes .. and potential dangers! Frank Cinelli, Jr. PhD He has been

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