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What’s Behind Viral Videos?

Many people dismiss social media as fertile ground for those who create factoids: unreliable information being repeated so often that it sometimes becomes accepted as fact. Our guest, the young YouTube videographer known as SCAREME, usually goes off this premise but

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Viral Paranormal Videos

Are viral paranormal videos “click bait”, human perceptions of a shadowy dimension? What if some are real? In such cases, skepticism cannot reverse authenticity! The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast reviews and comments on popular viral paranormal videos that are being discussed

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UPP 21: From Beginner To Passionate – A Personal Ghosting Hunting Tale

  This episode was made for paranormal enthusiasts who are wondering: “How do I become a paranormal investigator myself? What are the dangers and rewards? What will I learn about life after death?” Robin Strom-Mackey of Delaware Paranormal Research Group

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UPP 19: Brian Dunning – Host of Skeptoid Podcast – The Paranormal From A Skeptic’s Perspective

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast presents, for your listening pleasure,¬†two¬†oftentimes clashing perspectives regarding the merits of paranormal research: the classic scientific

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