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Psychedelic Psychiatry — A New Clinical Renaissance (Part 1 of 2)

Fifty years after the turbulent 1960’s, LSD research is rebounding and we are in a new ‘psychedelic renaissance’. Professor Erika Dyck offers a unique perspective on LSD’s history and its current promise as a major weapon against mental illness. Erika

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Depression and the Magic Mushroom Treatment

Berit Brogaard, neuroscientist and professor of philosophy at the University of Miami will be presenting an effective and natural antidepressant – psilocybin.  Psilocybin offers several advantages over conventional medications: namely,  instead of merely treating a patient’s physical illness, it also treats the their personal

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The Truth(er) About Conspiracy Theories

  Are all conspiracy theories products of delusional minds? Or ….. do media and government outlets intentionally broadcast misinformation to frame Truthers as unstable? We speak to popular YouTube personality “Truther Girl Sonia” of thetruthergirls.com. She has spent the better

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