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Confrontations With Evil and Haunted Route 66 (Part 1 of 2)

Returning today is the best selling author, Steve LaChance. Steve injects insight gained from personal experiences to present fresh angles and heretofore unknown motivations behind several compelling instances of demonic infestation. In particular, we will be discussing his new works,

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Talking To Spirits

Have you ever wondered what goes on during a psychic medium session? In this episode of The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast, award winning and trusted psychic medium Lindy Baker channels important messages from deceased loved ones to an anonymous client http://traffic.libsyn.com/unnormalparanormal/spirit_talk.mp3Podcast:

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Haunted Masonic Temples

Historic Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg, PA is testament to a powerful society known as Freemasons. Disembodied voices, slamming doors and foot steps are nothing new to Master Mason Gene Murray. We wonder — are deceased members still congregating there? Included

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A California Haunting: Mind Journeys of Horror Novelists

We have all read horror stories but who has ever sat down with an author and asked questions such as ….What motivates you to write? What scares the hell out of you? Well, if you happen to be Tamara Thorne or Alistair

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Sleep Paralysis – Our Waking Nightmares and Fantasies

Ryan Hurd, consciousness researcher and author of Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night, describes the terrifying notion of nightmares visually manifesting while we are waking! Also covered: night terrors and out of body experiences

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Sleep Paralysis – Our Conscious Nightmares and Fantasies

Ryan Hurd discusses Sleep Paralysis phenomena with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Sleep Paralysis — Is consciousness leaving the body or is the world entering the mind?

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Psychic Reflections With Chris Medina & Jay Long of Platinum Predictions

  Join us as we again speak to Chris Medina and Jay Long from Platinum Predictions. Among other things, they will speak to us about — “just what information can an authentic psychic realistically provide? can anyone be read? and ….. can

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Talking Horror Movies and Books With Steve LaChance — Author of “The Uninvited”

Join us as we speak to paranormal & horror author & filmmaker, Steven LaChance. Author of The Uninvited and Blessed Are The Wicked, Steve has a fervent desire to discuss both his work and the works of his contemporaries.

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UPP 17: Steven LaChance – The Gentle Giant Of Monster Paranormal – Talks Books And Horror Movies

  Steven LaChance, filmmaker and author of The Uninvited, Blessed Are The Wicked (picks up where The Uninvited left off) and more .. speaks to The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast and analyzes popular horror movies and books through a perspective gained

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Fusing Science With Paranormal Spirit Communication — Mike Stevenson

Mike Stevenson - The Paranormal Man- explains how scientific tools and research methods can be used to communicate with spirits

Our guest today, Mike Stevenson, aka The Paranormal Man, is an accomplished audio engineer and inventor. Mike is actively conferring with top researchers about how spirits communicate with human beings … and it’s far more conventionally rational and scientific than

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