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Hollywood (Una)live — The Oman House

Back with us today is David Oman, film maker and owner of the storied Oman House in Beverly Hills, California. More specifically – he is an owner with many “silent partners”, ones who often take occasion to interact with the

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** Corrected ** Dimensions of the Unexplained (2/2): “Can We Read And Change The Future?”

In part two of Dimensions of the Unexplained — parapsychologist, ghost hunter and author of “Mind Over Matter”, Loyd Auerbach, discusses the questions – “can we tap into the stream of future events and alter them to our preference” and “can

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Experiences of a Demonologist Part 2 of 2

(Part 2 of 2) … Demonologist Mike Stevenson shares details of his strangest paranormal investigation experiences, offering unique theories on why spirits communicate to us and how they do so! Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes

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Experiences of a Demonologist Part 1 of 2

Baltimore demonologist and engineer, Mike Herman Stevenson has spent a lifetime investigating haunted buildings and people. Mike communicates with spirits and demons in the same way he approaches the living: with contextual, meaningful conversation. Listen in as The Unnormal Paranormal

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Haunted Masonic Temples

Historic Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg, PA is testament to a powerful society known as Freemasons. Disembodied voices, slamming doors and foot steps are nothing new to Master Mason Gene Murray. We wonder — are deceased members still congregating there? Included

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Psychic Reflections: Chris Medina, Psychic Medium – Can We Handle The Truth?

  Psychic medium Chris Medina and partner Jay Long – from Platinum Predictions – bring us the latest news from the recent Living Dead Horror Convention in Oregon, celebrity stories and provide their unique insight into the credibility of the

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Fusing Science With Paranormal Spirit Communication — Mike Stevenson

Mike Stevenson - The Paranormal Man- explains how scientific tools and research methods can be used to communicate with spirits

Our guest today, Mike Stevenson, aka The Paranormal Man, is an accomplished audio engineer and inventor. Mike is actively conferring with top researchers about how spirits communicate with human beings … and it’s far more conventionally rational and scientific than

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UPP 15: The Compelling World of Jewish Mysticism With Rabbi Sid Vineburg

The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast explores different cultures as Rabbi Sid Vineburg, researcher of all things paranormal, discusses the fascinating world of Jewish mysticism. Ghosts, spirits, demons, the afterlife, etc … are universally acknowledged but just what they are and represent can vary radically across different

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UPP 11: The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast — A New and Quirky Paranormal Show

Join us as The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast crew reflects back on the production of their first ten podcasts. Discussed are our successes, our mistakes, future guests and what we believe to be key to presenting the world of hauntings, conspiracies  ….. everything

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UPP 07: Martin White – Irish Faith Healer – Intimate Contacts With the Deceased

Join us as Rhonda Fels and Jeff Chavey of The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast speak to World Ghost Convention speaker Martin White. Martin comes from a long line of spiritual mediums who not only sense spirits but actually see and interact

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