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The Ghosts of Perry County

Nestled amongst beautiful, undisturbed hills and mountains is an area less removed from steam train and canal days than you would be comfortable with — that is, unless you choose to live in a county with just two traffic signals

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Haunted History with Laine Crosby ep 1 of 2

  Laine Crosby, researcher and author of New York Times best seller “Investigative Medium: The Awakening”, went from the corporate boardroom to investigative paranormal medium literally overnight. Laine not only “sees” history – she speaks to the (now) deceased who

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Viral Paranormal Videos

Are viral paranormal videos “click bait”, human perceptions of a shadowy dimension? What if some are real? In such cases, skepticism cannot reverse authenticity! The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast reviews and comments on popular viral paranormal videos that are being discussed

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The Ghosts of Gettysburg

Are the battlefields of Gettysburg National Park haunted? Mark Nesbitt, owner of Gettysburg Ghost Tours and author of the Ghosts of Gettysburg series, believes so and has thousands of audio files and decades of verified accounts to prove it! As

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UPP 20: Of Ghosts and Gadgets – Haunted Pennhurst Asylum and Gettysburg Battlegrounds

Would the spirits of Gettysburg Civil War soldiers be drawn to a trigger item that was … 80 proof? Frank Cinelli, aka Dr Specter, weighs in on ghostly encounters and introduces the podcast team to Bob Christopher, co-founder of NEPA Paranormal,

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