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Lizzy Rose: Witch Exorcist

“Not All Exorcists Are Catholic”  Lizzy Rose is an eclectic Initiated High Priestess and Witch who regularly performs rituals – including readings, spirit extraction, healing and yes: exorcisms – that share the ways of the Olde Religion and Witchcraft in

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Elementals – Earth’s Natural Spirits (Part 1 of 2)

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   Near the lakes and peaks of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon resides an enthusiastic family of native american paranormal investigators who love and identify with the ancient customs of its concealed inhabitants — ones

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Experiences of a Demonologist Part 1 of 2

Baltimore demonologist and engineer, Mike Herman Stevenson has spent a lifetime investigating haunted buildings and people. Mike communicates with spirits and demons in the same way he approaches the living: with contextual, meaningful conversation. Listen in as The Unnormal Paranormal

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Talking Horror Movies and Books With Steve LaChance — Author of “The Uninvited”

Join us as we speak to paranormal & horror author & filmmaker, Steven LaChance. Author of The Uninvited and Blessed Are The Wicked, Steve has a fervent desire to discuss both his work and the works of his contemporaries.

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UPP 15: The Compelling World of Jewish Mysticism With Rabbi Sid Vineburg

The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast explores different cultures as Rabbi Sid Vineburg, researcher of all things paranormal, discusses the fascinating world of Jewish mysticism. Ghosts, spirits, demons, the afterlife, etc … are universally acknowledged but just what they are and represent can vary radically across different

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UPP 014: Witchcraft 101 – What Is True Witchcraft? Kit Steel – Wiccan – Explains All

    Kit Steel — Wiccan — delivers a fascinating and homespun narrative on the beliefs, origins, customs and dos and don’ts of REAL witchcraft! Descended from a line of practicing witches in rural Kentucky, Kit separates Hollywood myths from reality. In

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UPP 013: The Demon of Brownsville Road – “What Is Past Is Prologue”

Bob Cranmer, former Allegheny County Commissioner and military commander, simply wanted to share his childhood dream home with a growing young family in 1988. However, he soon learned that sometimes you acquire more than just a house — you gain its history

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UPP 08: Linda Dix — The Rewards and Dangers of Paranormal Investigations

Do you have what it takes to be a psychic or paranormal investigator? Well, first be sure to catch our new episode featuring Linda Dix, forensic investigator, Co-founder of Toledo Intuitive Paranormal and consultant for the TAPS branch in Ohio, as she discusses: * her

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