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Demented — The Mind of the Serial Killer

  Our fascination with the serial killer plays upon latent anxieties concerning our own willingness to commit foul play. Best-selling serial killer biographer, Professor Harold Schechter, discusses accounts of history’s most notorious human predators. Harold Schechter is an American true

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“The Arrowhead Chronicles” — Are Narcotics a Chemical Ouija Board?

  Are addictive narcotics a chemical ouija board that can open the floodgates of the supernatural?  We can analyze human behavior from different vantage points — from visual first impressions on up to the extremely nuanced. Today we speak to a former

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Haunted History with Laine Crosby ep 2 of 2

Laine Crosby, historical researcher and author of “Investigative Medium: The Awakening”, has two families: a husband and children and …. the ever-present spirits who continue to reside inside their Maryland plantation. Join us as Laine recounts forgotten history as told

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Haunted History with Laine Crosby ep 1 of 2

  Laine Crosby, researcher and author of New York Times best seller “Investigative Medium: The Awakening”, went from the corporate boardroom to investigative paranormal medium literally overnight. Laine not only “sees” history – she speaks to the (now) deceased who

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Murder, Mystery and Haunted Crime Scenes With Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland discusses CSI forensic investigations with The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Join us for a night of ghosts, vampires and serial killers with award winning author and criminal profiler, Professor Katherine Ramsland. Katherine has penned over 50 books and thousands of articles on a variety of dark subjects, all the while maintaining her own blog at Psychology Today.

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Inside the Criminal Mind — Katherine Ramsland

Tune in for murder, mystery and the macabre with professor of forensic psychology and author of The Forensic Science of C.S.I., Katherine Ramsland. Professor Ramsland breaks down the minds of serial killers, predators, psychopaths … and tells stories of her other fascination:

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UPP 24 Psychic Crime Solver Gale St. John

Today’s guest Gale St John chose to earn her psychic street creds …. not so much inside a cozy reading room but instead entered head first into the perilous world of natural disasters and missing persons cases. Today she shares details

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Missing & Presumed Dead: A Psychic’s Search for Justic

Gale St John volunteered to earn her psychic street creds .... not so much inside a cozy reading room but instead ... chose enter the world of natural disasters and missing persons cases.

Instead of expressly investigating the other side, like many psychics and paranormal investigators, Gale St John contacts “the other side” in attempts to find the living, or, unfortunately sometimes, their remains. Law enforcement and victim’s families depend on her talents to aid in missing persons cases once the clues dry up and the trail runs cold. And, Instead of a living partner like law enforcement and private investigators rely upon, some of her most trusted helpers …. no longer need a mailing address.

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