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The Truth(er) About Conspiracy Theories

  Are all conspiracy theories products of delusional minds? Or ….. do media and government outlets intentionally broadcast misinformation to frame Truthers as unstable? We speak to popular YouTube personality “Truther Girl Sonia” of thetruthergirls.com. She has spent the better

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Mysteries Of The Autistic Mind And Human Conciousness

Diane Powell, M.D. an innovative researcher in the neuroscience field, discusses the startling mental abilities that many people with autism and savant syndrome exhibit in regards to creativity, memory and psychic ability. Diane served on the faculty of Harvard Medical

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Telepathy And The Autistic Mind – Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

Join The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast when they speak to Diane Powell, M.D. Diane, a gifted expert in the neuroscience field, served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and has conducted research in molecular biology at the University of California during the Human Genome Project. In short: she’s brilliant!

Why would she be speaking to a forum where the paranormal is discussed? The answer is simple: Dr Powell is a researcher intrigued by topics that science presently has no explanation for — telepathic skills and the autistic brain, human consciousness, out of body experiences, and more ..!

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Lucid Dreaming — Awaken Your Inner Genius

  Berit Brogaard, Professor of  Philosophy   and   Psychology   at the University of Miami, runs the  Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research. She will be speaking to The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast about lucid dreaming – a fascinating and proven method

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UPP 24 Psychic Crime Solver Gale St. John

Today’s guest Gale St John chose to earn her psychic street creds …. not so much inside a cozy reading room but instead entered head first into the perilous world of natural disasters and missing persons cases. Today she shares details

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