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Mindfulness Meditation with Giovanni Dientsmann

Meditation expert, Giovanni Dienstmann, developed an early interest in the paranormal that ultimately inspired him to study demons more terrifying than ones we exorcise with spiritual house cleansings and clergy — the ones we term “personal demons”. During this episode, Giovanni,

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Hypnotherapy: Transforming Anxiety Into Calmness and Confidence

In hypnotherapy, patients release the “old self” — negative thought patterns and acceptance of defeatist conclusions about themselves — in favor of a “new self” — where newly created neural pathways fuse a positive future with the present moment. Your

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Hypnotherapy — Conscious Awareness of the Subconscious

Are you one of the many people who often feel anxious, angry or depressed but struggle to understand exactly why? Medical pharmacy customer lines and psychiatrists offices are running at full capacity due in no small part to this phenomenon.

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Depression and the Magic Mushroom Treatment

Berit Brogaard, neuroscientist and professor of philosophy at the University of Miami will be presenting an effective and natural antidepressant – psilocybin.  Psilocybin offers several advantages over conventional medications: namely,  instead of merely treating a patient’s physical illness, it also treats the their personal

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