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An Extraterrestrial Blueprint — “The Crux of Cydonia” Part 1

  Our guest today, Max Kiejzik, author of “The Crux of Cydonia”, has spent decades decoding the mesa-like structures located within the Cydonia region of Mars. To some, this region is simply the product of past ice and water progressions

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UPP 10: Frank Cinelli, aka Dr. Spectre — Placing Famous Government Conspiracies Under the Microscope

Whether the theme be FEMA camps, fluoride in drinking water, UFO cover up, aliens living among us, et al Frank Cinelli provides his audience with insight into their own unique causes .. and potential dangers! Frank Cinelli, Jr. PhD He has been

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UPP 05: MUFON Senior Investigator John Weaver — UFO Case Files

I In this episode of the Unnormal Paranormal Podcast we speak to MUFON Senior Investigator John Weaver about getting started as a MUFON UFO Investigator, his most intriguing cases and presents a  down-to-earth approach to investigating phenomena that could very well be

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