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Be Mindful Of What You Ask For!!

On December 23, 2015 — Jeffrey Chavey and Rhonda Fels of The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast investigated — albeit briefly — the basement of Pete’s Olde Town Bar & Grill in New Cumberland, PA. The establishment has long been rumored to house spirits, particularly ones who are drawn to sparkling earrings and bracelets. That being said — we present for you the  audio file below which contains three anomalies(separated by 1 second beeps): first sound to listen for sounded like an electrical short circuit going through an electrical wire while Jeff is speaking; second sound seems to be a female voice acknowledging Rhonda’s request to dangle her earrings; and the last sound is Rhonda yelling — she claims that “something or someone” pulled on her left earring with pain-inducing force!! Investigation over at this point :). Click here to listen.

Haunted Pete's Olde Towne Bar and Grill in New Cumberland, PA




Just To Say — Not Every Noise Is Paranormal. Especially The Gaseous Ones

Funny skit from Saturday Night Live



You Think That It Takes Courage To Be A Paranormal Investigator? Well, Try Being A Nurse!!

From website

Click on image below to read some legitimately creepy stories!





A Strange Cemetery Photo Indeed!

A very unique cemetery photo submitted by Geralyn Katz of North Carolina. Taken near Lawsonville, NC. No — This is not a Vincent van Gogh Post-Impressionist painting but that’s what comes to mind right away!

The skull figure in the lower right-hand side, the “ghost figure” etching and the overall lighting is … beyond words …..
Cemetery Apparition

An intriguing Cemetery EVP

Recently, while testing out a night vision camera and collecting audio, we came across a very interesting evp from an old cemetery in picturesque Dillsburg, PA (approx. 20 miles north of Gettysburg). Funny thing is — no one present believed we would later collect a shred of evidence since there were no “vibes” felt that evening. I suppose this proves that spirits are all around us and listening .. but only  if you go out of your way to speak to them. Can you guess what they are saying? We have an idea but do not wish to play spoiler.

Everyone who has heard this so far believes that there are two people speaking and not just one — the louder voice and a soft whisper at the same time!

Click here to listen to the evp.

Submitted by staff 4/13/2015


Old Cemetery — Buried Itself Within a Mountain and Bearing No Name 

Nestled on the side of a mountain is a very old and “unique” cemetery located north of Harrisburg, PA (approx. 1 mile from Fort Hunter). Old in that  — a view of the headstones will illustrate — and unique since  .. well ..  it has NO name. A Google map search locates the cemetery but we found NO documentation in the way of name, history, etc … ! Click on picture for enhanced view.
Victorian CemeterySubmitted by Staff at Unnormalparanormal



Submitted by Terry Lance of Bath, PA —

scarey victorian photosFrom the website  “25 Creepy Photos: Welcome to Your Nightmare”.  A combination of modern digital and Victorian Era photos that are clever enough to give anyone the willies! Some obviously Photoshopped  … but some — well, you decide — are real!





Submitted by Sherry L. of Lancaster, PA —

haunted castlesWould you ever visit these places for an investigation? Not so sure ….
I’ll leave abandoned asylums to the pros!!








 The “Eyes of a Camera” — Sachs Bridge  Gettysburg, PA


Submitted by Anon. near Gettysburg, PA —

Haunted Sachs Bridge Gettysburg

Sachs Bridge Gettysburg


Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, PA is a must see for any tourist who loves history, especially the Civil War. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was used as a retreat route for General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia on July 5, 1865.

Here we use two separate pictures to document a probable “time shift”. In a time shift, a part of the past manages to materialize and “collide” with the present. What you will notice in the top photo — taken by a cell phone Sept 14, 2014 — is a figure standing in front of the fencing (immediately outside the bridge) while gazing towards an area where a hospital once stood. Now look another recent picture (same location — from the website directly below it — the fencing is modern and the metal fence beams are straight. Once again, inspecting the top picture you will notice that part of the upper fencing bows outwards (old wooden fencing?) and the figure in question exhibits NO COLOR HUES whatsoever. Most importantly, the person submitting this picture swears that there was no one standing anywhere near this area when the picture was taken!



A Night to Remember — rumblings and a light that was not there …..


Submitted by J. Salas of Dillsburg, PA   3/13/2015





One night in April of 2014 will ALWAYS be remembered …. that evening a friend and myself had decided to explore historic Carlisle, PA in search of interesting pictures and, if the mood was right — evps. That night we decided to investigate Ashland Cemetery (no claims of being haunted — it just appears old and that’s about it!) in Carlisle, PA. Before I go further, a quick background : Scottish and Irish immigrants founded the borough of Carlisle in 1751 at the crossroads of Indian trails. The British established a military camp at Carlisle in 1756, beginning a long tradition of military activity in the area. That in and of itself brings merit to the many claims of haunted places in Carlisle.

My story —

{location — a bank parking lot located opposite the Ashland Cemetery off York Road in Carlisle}

We were inside my car scrambling through camera equipment, audio recorders, flashlights … when, abruptly, a soft yet rumbling noise came through the roof of my car. We looked at each other and both thought, without saying a word, “yes .. I heard that but it was nothing”. Seconds later a second rumbling noise occurred; noticeably louder AND longer, producing moderate vibrations. At this point we were both in shock: silent and unable to begin speculation until I finally blurted out ” ..&*% ..damn kids”. Immediately, a third and final rumbling took place — this one by far the longest .. sounding like someone or something  was crawling on the car roof. Finally my adrenaline kicked in and I jumped out of the car, fully expecting to see someone on top of my car or the damaged remains of God-knows-what! Instead we see absolutely nothing: no marks on the roof .. no one running away .. no debris from a thrown object … NOTHING! This was the first time that either of us had been truly afraid and I cannot find the words to fully describe how your psyche bounces when it encounters the bizarre and unexpected. What makes this even more improbable is this: we were inside a car while parked in a lot adjacent to a busy McDonalds restaurant. Could someone, or a former “someone”, have read our minds and intentions?

Now what made this night memorable is not over … not by a long shot! We decided to regroup, grab a coffee and begin investigating at another very old cemetery located nearby in the town of Boiling Springs. While there we collected both the creepiest evp and most unexplainable picture we had ever taken.

The evp  —  occurred while you hear some some faint dialogue between us (sorry!). The first voice first sounds male — others have remarked that it sounds menacing, almost like a demon. I’m not too sure about that but it does sound creepy. It sounds like it is saying “Watson Warden”. That’s my take. Yours may be different, The second voice is definitely female and she says “It’s Sweet Heart”? Again, what is your take? Click here to listen to the evp.

The picture  — taken while deep inside the cemetery looking south. What screams out in this picture is the headstone that is fully illuminated!! As you can see, there were some small, comparatively faint headstone lights located elsewhere but we did not notice the full and extremely bright light on the headstone being zoomed into. In fact, the light is so fully impressed onto the headstone — and a smaller one behind it — that we would have remarked about it beforehand. What makes people forever suspect about this picture is that you can see the outline of a certain model light centered in front of the headstone (which is an unusual location) and I can understand that. But, as for as long as I live, I swear that there was no light on this headstone. I went to this exact location the following day, in day light,  to verify for lights but there weren’t any within 40-50 feet of this headstone!



Gravity Hill

Submitted by Terri Kranepuhl of Hagerstown, MD 3/30/15

I recently came across this YouTube video of Gravity Hill. My sister and I tried this last December while on the way to Ski Roundtop in Lewisberry. How can our car have coasted uphill? I’m sure that there is a scientific reason for this occurring but it sure is FREAKY!!


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  1. Mike says:

    Stones River National Battlefield- It’s another one of those places where you can feel the what I like to call psychological oppression. It isthe sense that something traumatic has occurred there. You really get the sense of horrific death and destruction, but it doesn’t help the pivotal point of the battlefield centers on a plce called the slaughter pen. If you stand in the middle of that point it gets silent almost a peacefulness which is weird. Maybe its just me because I always approach the battlefield with a sense of reverence that their deaths weren’t in vain (both sides) because soldiers ar soldiers no matter what.

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