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The Realistic Depiction of Jesus? Developing …,.

Medical Artist, Richard Neave, in conjunction with forensic anthropologists have applied a science-based method for estimating what Jesus “probably” looked like. Click on picture to read the story


Forensic Anthropologists estimate what Jesus may have really looked like




Want a Good Night Sleep At A Quiet Hotel? ….. Nah, Me Neither!!

It’s impossible for some hotels to ever be “empty”.

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Silhouette in corridor

Silhouette in corridor

The Million Dollar Question — Is My House Haunted or Not??

From the Huffington Post we come across an interesting article where the respected paranormal investigator, John E.L. Tenney, confirms and debunks phenomena often cited as proof of haunted houses. Click on the image below to see the story.

Haunted House

Excellent Advice For First Time Paranormal Investigators! 

Getting started as an investigator is not just learning how to protect yourself from spirits that can potentially harm you — this article from clues you in on what to possibly expect from the LIVING, also!


Paranormal Community Bullying

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Use At Your Own Risk!! One Man’s Cautionary Tale Regarding a Ouija Board 

Some people regard the Ouija board as a simple game. After all, you are just talking about a board game, right? Well, that is one way of looking at it … but …… there are things that man will never truly understand. Read about one man’s unfortunate incident by clicking on the image below.




Former FBI Official Recounts Seeing Angels At Flight 93 Crash Site

Real or not? Fascinating story. Click on the graphic to see this story

Flight 93 angels



Hidden By History  — Medieval Burial ground found under University of Cambridge in southern England


This burial ground has not seen the light of day in almost FOUR HUNDRED years! Amazing account of intact remains and pathways. Click the picture to read on ….


Medieval Cemetery


The Case of Jeff Markin and Dr. Crandall   


Take a moment to ponder this word — miracle. Too often we use it in a cynical way …  in the context of a sports team or in a half-joking manner to describe something we would really like to see happen but know fully well not to expect.  Why is that? Further … what would make a modern day cardiologist about-face a frantic schedule to yet again attempt resuscitating a patient deemed irrefutably dead…..  both by himself and a room full of trained staff just moments earlier? Certainly not just a hunch that day in 2006, I assure you. Angels? God? You decide ….


New Sonic Sound Wave Device Extinguishes Fire In a Radically Different Way!!     


No — this is definitely not paranormal, as the technology driving this device is within the realm of human understanding, thanks in part to the efforts of two resourceful George Mason University students. But, if presented in .. say … 1960 …… many people would have thought differently? Maybe these guys will next design the first successful time travel machine !!