EVPs — Sounds From the “Other Side”!

EVP -- Sounds From the Other Side


Electronic Voice Phenomena — Everyone has heard of evps by now, but what are they? The accepted definition is  “sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices” … but just how we capture these sound recordings on digital audio recorders is still unknown. For that reason, skeptics have erased any notion that these sounds come from the “other side”. But  — if you think about it — just what is a spirit? Well, most in the paranormal community would agree that spirits are manifestations of energy.

What does a radio transmitter send? Electromagnetic  waves — and that is indeed energy. Furthermore, most digital audio recorders contain circuitry quite similar to that found in your common AM/FM radio, so, yes, it is quite plausible that if spirits can manipulate energy then why not the energy similar to that sent by a radio transmitter? In fact, many skeptics in the scientific fields maintain that digital audio recorders are doing nothing more than picking up radio waves, albeit in a very inefficient way since they are not specifically engineered to function as radios. Is it possible that spirits are able to direct a weak message a few feet away from you? Doesn’t sound crazy to me. In fact, it sounded reasonable enough to one intuitive genius by the name of Thomas Edison! Unfortunately, Mr. Edison passed away shortly after deciding to spend time on experimenting on his newest idea.

The following are EVPs submitted by our staff and listeners —

** note: some evp responses have been amplified in order to hear them more clearly. They have not been altered otherwise

1.) “Go on …. I’m listening” — At a cemetery near Dillsburg, PA … definitely a female voice .. has a strange timbre to the voice. Warning: turn your volume down on this one, please!

2.) “Watson Warden (?) …. sweet heart” — This evp was captured during a house investigation in Beaumont, Texas. The male voice seems proud of his name. Shortly afterwards, a female voice emphatically says the word sweet heart

3.) Lilting, song-like female voice — This evp, obtained by staff during a house investigation while outside the residence. There was plenty of noise from the highway nearby but the playful, singing voice cannot be mistaken!

4.) “Oh yeah … absolutely” — On same night as the song-like evp was captured, we ask if anyone was alive during the “Roaring Twenties” time period. Sounds like someone, if not just having fun with us, responds in the affirmative.

5.) “On the ground?” — Who says that spirits are cranky and demonic? Well … some are to be sure … but then again, there are quite a few who are really quite helpful. I temporarily lost my keys and a spirit voice seeming says, “.. on the ground” .. well, lo and behold, they were are the ground! Forgot to thank her!!

6.) “Talk to her!” — I cannot make out the entire conversation but it appears that two spirits are conversing with one another and it sounds very much like one says, “talk to her” near the end. Isn’t that strange?

7.) “What is your name?” — Recorded by Civil War Re-enactor and paranormal medium Matt James near the Devils Den area of the Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield. Staff host Rhonda Fels was present … what we find fascinating is that she unwittingly says “Yes or nook” (AND the last name given in the evp was Cook), rather than “Yes or no” — NOTE: she was totally unaware at the time that an evp was being recorded!  Notice the muffled drum roll at the end of the clip. This is a really strange one, given that it was night time and no re-enactors other than Matt, who carries no drum equipment, were present.

8.) Gettysburg Sachs Mill EVP — Recorded while discussing a previous picture anomaly —  a voice of unknown origin origin, which we believe to be an EVP says either “I was there” or “obviously”. The EVP portion of the sound clip has been amplified since it was rather faint but definitely noticeable.

9.) Not an EVP at all — Sometimes mistakes happen and well …. this was one of those times. We promise, no more ones like this again …..

10. An INFRIENDLY response — Apparently we did not make any friends that night, as a distinct and hushed voice exclaims, “Don’t talk to me” … or at least that is what it sounds like is being said. Much to her chagrin, I could not see or hear anyone at the time. Recorded in Camp Hill, PA

11. Not a boxing fan — Taken in Newville, PA — often times you can elicit a response by mentioning famous contemporaries. In this case I mentioned Jack Dempsey/Joe Louis who were heavyweight boxing champions of long-ago. You will need headphones to hear the reply but I believe that the voice says, “Jack? .. Jack who?”. Guess I should have mentioned Babe Ruth?

12. Franklin — I ask someone named “Franklin” if he had a good life — sounds like some was confirming his name?

13. Question about dogs — a female investigator asks if there are any living dogs outside the cemetery. We were at Hans Graf cemetery in Lancaster County, PA. Here is an interesting story on this somewhat creepy old cemetery thought to be haunted by the spirit of long-ago hounds!!

14. The Old Lady — Question was asked about a section of a cemetery .. listen closely to a response from what appears to be an elderly lady. Whew!!

 Stay tuned!!! We have many, many more evps to upload for your listening pleasure .. I plan on uploading more for  the next 2-3 weeks!!!


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